Saturday, April 30, 2011

Their Big Days : Yes, I Do ~

       Waiting for the and my mother stuck on the Royal Wedding Show.I couldn't imagine the situation. Haha, listening to the speaker on the show, keep comparing this wedding with the Princess Diana wedding. talking about the dresses, the VIPs and all things. They keep comparing it with Diana. One thing that I noticed, Princess Diana is always in the heart of the people although she already gone, although she already divorced with Prince Charles. Why? Because she is so kind and loving. Its differ from the Lady Sarah (not Lady Diana's sister) the one who married with Prince Andrew,  Prince Charles's brother and later on got divorced. It shows that people don't like her much. When Lady Diana died, people cried. Ops ! Actually I want to talk about the Prince William Wedding. Hehe,

       Why people are so excited when it comes to this kind of wedding? Ahha..its because it just like once in a blue moon to have a wedding of a prince with a commoner. That's the only reason. Then the lady who become the "Princess" because of that marriage will be a subject matter. The beauty, the dress, the family. All about the LADY will attract the world, because it just like

"Oh, young are representing us to be with the stay in there, the luxurious Buckingham Palace. We are behind you, do you best over there ! "

    There's people voice, "Oh no ! Why he married her.. He should marry me instead of that lady.." Haha, its  something predictable right, but no worries guys. there is still one prince left ! But actually I don't really like his social activity. In fact, he is now dating with Chelsy Davy ~

Prince Harry with his girlfriend, Chelsy Davy

Here, the day comes ! The wedding of Prince William and his lover Kate Middleton at the Westminster Abbey

The big day, Yes I Do ! Everyone will remind this memorable scene to the late Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles

Kate Middleton, just like Lady Diana..a commoner.

The same ring used during the engagement of Princess Diana. Both, William & Harry had an agreement that the one who got married first will have the ring for his fiancee. Luckily, William got married first, so he got the ring for Kate Middleton. Both siblings wanted to have theirs mother's memory regarding the ring. They are so smart and tolerable siblings I think. Good to have that kind of attitude then =)

 Kate during her teenager's time

 The cutest girl, Kate Middleton

Finally, William married his colleges friend, Catherine

Mr. & Mrs. Middleton

Prince William, to be the second position after his father, Prince Charles the Prince of Wales

Prince William and Prince Harry, both look so handsome..make girls crazy over them. What more to say, their mother's death shaped their life today.  
 Princess Diana with her cute boy, Prince William on his first official visit 

She's so beautiful  !

Both were blessed with two boys, William and Harry

Lovely mother...really look so motherly ^_^

 Memorable wedding of the year, 29th July 1981
Prince of Wales, Charles and his wife Princess of Wales, Diana 

It was just 30 years ago, a commoner being a princess. Lady Diana Frances Spencer, after school, worked in London, first as a nanny, occasionally a cook, then as a cocktail waitress and lately as an assistant in a kindergarten. As a teenager she had immense love for children as she thought she was deprived of parental love at an early age. 

The lucky one at one time and it could be, the "victim" one at another time. Prince Charles, who had married Princess Diana while still dating with Camillia Parker, his beloved one. All people around the world very sad and angry with the news, " Charles cheats wife ! ".

Prince Charles and Camillia, Duchess of Cornwall

 Look so pretty and young, Lady May 1981 just 2 months before the wedding

 Lady Diana and her sister, Lady Sarah

 Lady Sarah, got a chance to date with Prince Charles

 This Princess of Wales died in a tragic accident. Most said it was a conspiracy to kill that beautiful lady because she's going to marry a Muslim guy. Yet, it seems to affected the position and  surrounding of her two children, Prince William & Harry so that the rumours theory comes to the conclusion that it is better to "remove" the lady rather than to have the Muslim mother of  those prince. 

In fact, Prince Charles married her just because of  the restriction that he must marry a virgin protestant lady, not like Camillia who already marry to Andrew. Before that, he also dating with Diana's sister, Lady Sarah. He just dating with Diana for 6 months before proposed her to marry him. At that time, he was 33 years and Diana just at the age of 20, beautiful and innocence young lady. ^_^


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