Thursday, February 23, 2012

He is likeable la..kan?

Okey, saya yang belaja Law ni..tetibe sem ni rasa macam banyak mase sikit dari sem lepas dengan rajinnya buat audit subjek History..Osmanli History. Ramai yang agak pelik sebenarnya, takpe la yang penting dapat ilmu dari lecturer hebat ini. Thanks to my roommate, cik Busyra yang cantik manis..the one that encouraging me to add this subject ^ ^

BOGDAN KOPANSKI (now Bogdan Ataullah Kopanski 3): originally Polish now American; Ph.D. in history and politics, had a very interesting journey to Islam and faced severe hardships; was imprisoned twice by the Polish communist regime (1908, 1981-82). He embraced Islam in 1974.

“When I was 12 years old I rejected illogical and contradictory faith of the Church. Two years later in 1962- I was fascinated by victorious struggle of the Algerian Muslim mujahideen against French colonialism. It was the first ARROW of Islam.

The high school and earliest days of my education in the University, I was a typical example of ‘rebel generation’ of Reds.

My way to the Truth of Al-Qur’an was slow and unpaved. In 1974 I visited Turkey, I wrote my MA. dissertation about Sultan and Caliph Suleiman Kanuni’s policy towards Polish Kingdom. There, I was hit by the most beautiful voice of mankind, ADHAN, the call to prayer. My hair stood up. Unknown powerful force led me to old masjid in Istanbul.

There, old smiling Turkish, bearded men taught me WUZU, ablution. I confessed to tears SHAHADAH and I prayed my first SALAH Maghrib. I swept out the rubbish ideologies. The First time in my life, my mind was relaxed and I felt pleasure of Allah’s love in my heart. I was a Muslim.”

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